PhotographyMarch 10, 2015

The Little Ice Age

fig. I. The Little Ice Age.

fig. II. Midwinter outpost.
fig. III. Huddling.
fig. IV. From the letter of the law, to the spirit of the law.
fig. V. Today, in this galaxy, leaves are falling, paths taken home.
fig. VI. One Winter Carnival – Collecting tears out of thin air.

Notes on “The Little Ice Age”


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2 Notes

  1. SingingIntoABottle's avatarSingingIntoABottle

    The quartet of blue images is quite especially powerful, particularly in the linear context of your posts… from secret, guarded fire to unabashed and un-secret freezing, closing.
    Figs. 3 and 5 are particularly intimate – if taken alone but also the intimacy is made much more inviting and understandable with your captions. I think the captions you create are a really strong part of your work – little fulcrums of humor, mystery and intimacy upon which pivots the image and the experience of the viewer. It works especially well in pictures like fig. IV – when the sentiment of the caption is at once jocular, wry, and dark. It serves so many purposes at once, feels very satisfying, as if the balance of Things in General has been expressed and no one has to compromise by only laughing or only crying.

  2. SingingIntoABottle's avatarSingingIntoABottle

    I just re-read that – you'll have to forgive the academic tone. I have been meeting too many academics and having to speak their goofy lingo. It's hard to rub off when I'm not on duty. 🙂

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